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Firstly thank you to all that have signed the petition as we are up to 15500 signatures now. The new goal is 40000 which is close to half the farmers in Australia, so with this we will have a super strong voice when we start to approach the politicians and Government, as it was Rural Australia who put the Government in to power and if this legislation is not corrected it could be rural Australia that takes them out. Sorry about the politics but I guess we have to fight fire with fire if needed.

We have created the SAVE THE QUAD BIKE IN AUSTRALIA FACEBOOK PAGE  so click here to go to the  and sign the petition and please help us out again or even more by liking and sharing wherever you can.  Don’t forget to speak your mind on the petition as politicians are starting to look at its progress now and the more meaningful comments the better.

Some news on the Quad Bike Legislation.

* We have had Motorcycle Dealers all over Australia getting in local newspapers.

* There has been quite a few Radio Interviews with Motorcycle Dealers talking on the subject of why there has been near on panic buying of Quad Bikes as people believe they are finished. At least if we do not turn this legislation around, this is a snap shot of what Motorcycle Shops will look like in to the future with no Quad Bikes on the floor to sell. Massive wakeup call for everyone so we have to fight this with only one goal to amend the Legislation.

* WIN TV has been involved in a small way with us in Toowoomba and Rob Katter  (KAP) had a great interview on Monday.

* We have a angry group of dairy farmers in Victoria meeting with David Johincke of the Victorian Farmers Federation this week and for the first time David Johincke wants to talk to industry, so this is a first for both of these groups to talk to the VFF who was very vocal for this legislation to be put through.

* I have a person in Victoria who contacted me and he is going to talk to Michael Sukkar the Assistant Treasurer Minister who signed off on the Legislation.

* We will see if we can liken this to the NT cattle Export Legislation as a similar outcome could happen.

* We will push the fact the Govt are creating a China / Asia only Quad bike market which then begs the answer of who’s side are they really on.

So overall we are getting some traction with trying to amend the Legislation so that the main stream manufacturers are comfortable to bring Quad bikes back to Australia. This is a Australia only problem which is 2.8% of the Global market.

Australia is basically out of Quad bikes but more are coming in and shops are taking pre sold orders for June with delivery in 2/3 months. At this stage Quad bikes are still available until 20/10/21 or while stock lasts up to this date.

Very soon we will be opening the SAVE THE QUAD BIKE IN AUSTRALIA website and there will also be a survey coming out to try and gather more statistics, especially about the real number of Quad bikes in Australia.

An unfortunate subject, but it has to be spoken about as this is what has created the Legislation and that is the death statistics of Quad Bikes in Australia in 2019. So 16 Quad deaths recorded in 2019. Four of these were real Farm accidents on Quad bikes. Four were recreational Quad bikes with one of these 4 being a child. Eight of the 16 deaths were on SSV/SXS Buggies with 4 of these 8 being children and the problem in all cases was not wearing seat belts in roll over accidents in buggies. It is recorded that there are 80% more Quads in Australia than SSV/SXS Buggies so that officially makes buggies 5 times more dangerous if no seat belt is worn in the case of a roll over.

On a final note




They will have higher operator expenses.

They will have lower productivity and efficiency.

They will not be as competitive on the global market against their farming counterparts overseas.

The quad bike is by far the best and safest machine for much of rural Australia because of its size and how manoeuvrable it is with cattle and in wet or tight scrub conditions.

The quad bike is easy to transport where as the SSV buggies need a car trailer.

Due to people not wearing seat belts in buggies, quad bikes are 500% safer than buggies and there are 80% more Quads in Australia than Buggies.

They may have to travel further to get their most versatile and used machinery serviced due to closure of motorcycle businesses.


They are going to lose in many cases up to 40 – 60% of their turnover which will make the businesses unviable.

There could be many Agriculture service providers as in motorcycle shops having to close the doors.

There undoubtedly will be a sharp rise in unemployment in this sector and all sectors to do with this legislation from manufacturers to accessory and freight companies.

From the GOVERNMENTS VIEW POINT they have not factored in that they will lose import tariffs on over 11,000 units per year.

They will lose GST on the sale of over 11,000 well known brand quad bikes annually.

They will lose company taxes paid by hundreds of motorcycle shops in Australia.

They will have to pay and will see massive unemployment from the motorcycle industry.

They will also lose the same taxes and see the same unemployment in all the ancillary industries all over Australia from the manufacturers and their warehouses, to the freight companies and accessory companies.

They will be putting themselves in a situation to have a class action bought about from all of the affected people above, that could easily equal the NORTHERN TERRITORY CATTLE EXPORT LEGISLATION.

They are handing the Quad Bike market in Australia over to the CHINESE AND ASIAN COUNTRIES.


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