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Note: Not all models listed on brand websites have been released into Australia.


Avanti is a world class bike brand from New Zealand producing bikes for Olympic athletes right through to kids, all built with a strong design ethos. In 1991 Avanti set up a sister company in Australia which has been well adopted in the market.

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So, you need a bike. It doesn’t have to be a mountain bike, it doesn’t have to be a road bike. With HARO you can have any bike!

HARO’s wide range of bicycles from the juniors, to mum and dad, to the competitor and the serious rider, HARO have got you covered.
HARO’s range consist of BMX, electric, dual suspension, road, freestyle, mountain bikes, urban, all terrain and more@ No matter the weather, no matter the terrain HARO has something to suit everyone!

NOTE: Not all bike were released into Australia.

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Malvern Star

MALVERN STAR have designed a large range of bicycles starting with their kids range where it doesn’t matter how old or what style of riding your children love, MALVERN STAR’s kid range will have you covered. Get out of the house and go exploring with MALVERN STAR’s recreational range and get the most out of your cycling adventures. MALVERN STAR want to bring you back to the rich past with their heritage range with modern materials, fine build quality, practical features and contemporary design cues. No matter the ride MALVERN STAR has you covered!


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As one of the longest standing bike brands in the world, Raleigh has built its reputation on building quality bikes that are designed locally to match our unique riding conditions. We focus on the enjoyment factor of cycling and it is our goal to get as many people out enjoying the sport as possible so they can stay healthy and take pleasure in the outdoors. Cycle with the peace of mind you are riding a bike designed specifically for our conditions with an emphasis on comfort and safety.


SCOTT had one goal in mind and that was to create a bicycle to suit everybody!

To the little ones, to mum and dad, to the adventurer and the Racer, SCOTT has you covered. SCOTT has made sure there is something to suit everyone. They want you to climb higher, longer and steeper. Get you out of the house earlier and back home later!

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Pro Line Scooters


The Electric Bicycle Co (TEBCO) was incorporated in 1995 and imported the first ‘commercial shipment’ of electric bicycles to Australia in March 1999. Since that time, TEBCO has maintained it’s position as the No.1 manufacturer, importer, distributer and retailer of elecric bicycle & tricycles in Australia.

Indeed since our first import shipment we have seen many attributes attempt to dublicate what we do – most have gone out of business within months leaving literally thousands of dissatisfied customers with product that cannot be ‘backed-up’ or ‘serviced’.  


Ride with ease on your new Shogun Today!

With a large range of E-bikes to choose from and all new light weight alloy frame with fully intergrated detachable down tube battery, Shogun has something to suit everyone!